Jazz Hamilton

CEO / Designer

Jazz Hamilton

CEO Jazz Hamilton USA / Designer


Jazz Hamilton is a Puerto Rican saxophonist, recording artist, designer, musical director, arranger and composer. Known for his recordings on jazz, classical, Latin jazz, contemporary jazz and salsa genres. His main instruments are alto and soprano saxophones, but he also plays tenor and baritone saxophones. Mr. Hamilton only plays his own brand of professional saxophones, 100% handcrafted to his specifications  by a selected group of master craftsmen.


As an artist Jazz Hamilton is well known to be always exploring and testing the limits of the saxophone capabilities and making very intricate music compositions sound simple and cohesive. During his career he was always looking for the perfect instrument and discovered that there was not a saxophone that offers everything a performer needs.

Jazz Hamilton designed his professional saxophones with the ultimate goal of providing the player with an extension of the body and musical soul, allowing you the artist to create a very personal distinctive sound I.D., while enhancing your ability to play with the most subtle nuances in the full range of the instrument. The altissimo register embraces the sound and intonation in ways never attained before. Each Jazz Hamilton® "Revolution 65" Series saxophone is 100% handcrafted making each horn a truly work of art. The materials are personally hand selected by Jazz Hamilton, to allow the master craftsmen the opportunity to deliver Jazz’s vision.

Today after the successful brand recognition his Jazz Hamilton® saxophone line has achieve, Mr. Hamilton decided it was time to explore his vision for other professional handcrafted instruments. That is how the Figueroa Horns® brand was born as a joint venture with his principal French Horn player Denise Figueroa. Now working on the Jazz Hamilton® Brass professional line of handcrafted trumpets available fall 2016, and developing a new wind instruments line with a handpick group of amazing artists. The future is bright for the demanding musicians that want the custom feel, beauty, quality and reliability of a  handcrafted professional instrument.

Explore your soul in new ways of artistic expression.  "It's time to Jazz..."