Carmen M. Aponte

Carmen Milagros Aponte

President and Operations Director

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Mrs. Carmen Milagros Aponte is the President and Operations Director for Jazz Hamilton Saxophones. In 2012 she retired as the Principal of “Escuela Especializada Libre de Música, Antonio Paoli” in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Here she embraced the administration role for 3 years after working for 28 years as a woodwinds and music theory teacher. Mrs. Aponte started studying saxophone, flute, clarinet and violin at the age of 13 in this very same school. She distinguished herself as a leader, organizing the first student council of the school and worked for 3 consecutive summers substituting the school principal, all before graduating from high school.

Mrs. Aponte received her B.A. in Music Education from the University of Puerto Rico and her M.A. in School Administration and Supervision from the “Universidad del Turabo”. She coursed studies in music with New York University, studies in Montessori preschool education with University of Puerto Rico, and studies in Montessori school administration with Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. Mrs. Aponte studied The Mozart Effect with author Don Campbell in D.F., Mexico. She is also certified in Applied Music Therapy and Psychoeducational Therapy. With these last certifications she was faculty member of the School of Medicine of “Universidad Central del Caribe”.

While a teacher in “Escuela Especializada Libre de Música, Antonio Paoli”, Mrs. Aponte  created various flute ensembles for children between the ages of 12 to 18, as well as the first saxophone quartet of the region. This quartet featured young talented saxophone players.

Mrs. Aponte has been a lecturer in the field of Music Therapy, Psycho-Emotional Therapy and Stress Management for the United States District Court of Puerto Rico, the School of Medicine of “Universidad Central del Caribe”, the Association of Hospital Managers and Owners, the Department of Education, public and private schools, among others.

Together with psychologist María Teresa Ramos and actress Magaly Carrasquillo, Mrs. Aponte co-founded the Creative Therapies Program, in which fine arts are used as a primary tool to work emotional issues. She also founded the V.I.D.A.S. project, which is focused in family therapy.