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Meet The Jazz Hamilton USA Team Of Professionals


Denise Figueroa

COO Jazz Hamilton USA / Figueroa Horns


Denise Figueroa was exposed to music at an early age under her father’s wings.  Starting with  piano at age 8, yet exposed to hearing the magnificent sound of the horn, she was immediately charmed with the sound of the French Horn at the age of 13.  Denise started music lessons at Specialized School of Music in Caguas Puerto Rico. She continued her love for music and studied in the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.  She earned her degree in  music performance at Florida Atlantic University.  Denise has performed in diverse orchestras and ensembles throughout the states. She has performed with Mississippi Symphony Orchestra and  Belhaven Symphony Orchestra. Her passion and mastery on the French Horn has given her the desire to teach and inspire young horn players as role model throughout different schools and music organizations.

In addition to performing, she has taught choirs and A Capella groups with great success as students have earned and performed in All State and Carnegie Hall competitions.
Miss Figueroa has been on tour with International Recording Artist Jazz Hamilton earning the position of Principal Horn. Figueroa Horns is her ultimate desire to bring exceptional quality and beauty into each handcrafted instrument. Now as the COO of the  Jazz Hamilton USA and the Figueroa Horns ® brands, she has the opportunity to bring awareness of this magnificent instrument to the global community of musicians she reaches. During her touring season she gives masterclasses  on interpretation and  also exhibit the new advances and the beautiful design each Figueroa Horn its known for.






CEO / Designer

Jazz Hamilton

CEO Jazz Hamilton USA / Designer


Jazz Hamilton is a Puerto Rican saxophonist, recording artist, designer, musical director, arranger and composer. Known for his recordings on jazz, classical, Latin jazz, contemporary jazz and salsa genres. His main instruments are alto and soprano saxophones, but he also plays tenor and baritone saxophones. Mr. Hamilton only plays his own brand of professional saxophones, 100% handcrafted to his specifications  by a selected group of master craftsmen.


As an artist Jazz Hamilton is well known to be always exploring and testing the limits of the saxophone capabilities and making very intricate music compositions sound simple and cohesive. During his career he was always looking for the perfect instrument and discovered that there was not a saxophone that offers everything a performer needs.

Jazz Hamilton designed his professional saxophones with the ultimate goal of providing the player with an extension of the body and musical soul, allowing you the artist to create a very personal distinctive sound I.D., while enhancing your ability to play with the most subtle nuances in the full range of the instrument. The altissimo register embraces the sound and intonation in ways never attained before. Each Jazz Hamilton® “Revolution 65” Series saxophone is 100% handcrafted making each horn a truly work of art. The materials are personally hand selected by Jazz Hamilton, to allow the master craftsmen the opportunity to deliver Jazz’s vision.

Today after the successful brand recognition his Jazz Hamilton® saxophone line has achieve, Mr. Hamilton decided it was time to explore his vision for other professional handcrafted instruments. That is how the Figueroa Horns® brand was born as a joint venture with his principal French Horn player Denise Figueroa. Now working on the Jazz Hamilton® Brass professional line of handcrafted trumpets available fall 2016, and developing a new wind instruments line with a handpick group of amazing artists. The future is bright for the demanding musicians that want the custom feel, beauty, quality and reliability of a  handcrafted professional instrument.

Explore your soul in new ways of artistic expression.  “It’s time to Jazz…”

liz JHUSA1
Artistic Director

Elizabeth D’Sanc

Artistic Director / Designer JHUSA

Elizabeth D’Sanc possesses over 25 years experience in the media industry, business administration, and brand representation.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration; Legal Studies Specialization, graduating as Summa Cum Laude.  Known to her followers as “Modelo de Mujer”, D’Sanc has an established track record as a television personality, spokesperson, professional model, entrepreneur, in-demand motivational speaker and business etiquette facilitator. She is former Ms. Puerto Rico USA, and has modeled for renowned international high-fashion designers and high-end fashion brands such as Oscar De La Renta, Carlota Alfaro, Versage, Enzo, Balenciaga, Fernando Pena and Dior, amongst others. D’Sanc formerly served as an Independent Consultant on Business Management, Media Relations, and Strategic Logistical Development to a prominent publishing and telemarketing company in the Caribbean.

As the Artistic Director for Jazz Hamilton USA, D’Sanc now oversees the organization branding. She has developed and implemented brand marketing strategies including advertising campaigns and sales promotions. Moreover, D’Sanc managed cost-effective media campaigns and marketing outreach for the markets abroad.

Elizabeth D’Sanc has been recognized and awarded by women’s organizations, media industry and the Mayor of Orange County FL (Honorable Richard Crotty), and Commissioners for her valuable contribution in enhancing the personal growth of women and her influential example as a role model to the Hispanic community in the United States.

mili jhusa
Puerto Rico Op. Dir.

Carmen Milagros Aponte

President and Operations Director

 Mili hs web

Mrs. Carmen Milagros Aponte is the President and Operations Director for Jazz Hamilton Saxophones. In 2012 she retired as the Principal of “Escuela Especializada Libre de Música, Antonio Paoli” in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Here she embraced the administration role for 3 years after working for 28 years as a woodwinds and music theory teacher. Mrs. Aponte started studying saxophone, flute, clarinet and violin at the age of 13 in this very same school. She distinguished herself as a leader, organizing the first student council of the school and worked for 3 consecutive summers substituting the school principal, all before graduating from high school.

Mrs. Aponte received her B.A. in Music Education from the University of Puerto Rico and her M.A. in School Administration and Supervision from the “Universidad del Turabo”. She coursed studies in music with New York University, studies in Montessori preschool education with University of Puerto Rico, and studies in Montessori school administration with Loyola University in Baltimore, MD. Mrs. Aponte studied The Mozart Effect with author Don Campbell in D.F., Mexico. She is also certified in Applied Music Therapy and Psychoeducational Therapy. With these last certifications she was faculty member of the School of Medicine of “Universidad Central del Caribe”.

While a teacher in “Escuela Especializada Libre de Música, Antonio Paoli”, Mrs. Aponte  created various flute ensembles for children between the ages of 12 to 18, as well as the first saxophone quartet of the region. This quartet featured young talented saxophone players.

Mrs. Aponte has been a lecturer in the field of Music Therapy, Psycho-Emotional Therapy and Stress Management for the United States District Court of Puerto Rico, the School of Medicine of “Universidad Central del Caribe”, the Association of Hospital Managers and Owners, the Department of Education, public and private schools, among others.

Together with psychologist María Teresa Ramos and actress Magaly Carrasquillo, Mrs. Aponte co-founded the Creative Therapies Program, in which fine arts are used as a primary tool to work emotional issues. She also founded the V.I.D.A.S. project, which is focused in family therapy.

Mrs. Carmen Milagros Aponte is currently the Artist and Brand Representative for Recording Artist, Jazz Hamilton in Puerto Rico.